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Lucas Ciruzzi

Senior Software Engineer


  • Senior Software Engineer @ GlobalLogicFeb 2020-Today

    VMWare - Tanzu Mission Control: Centralized Kubernetes management
  • Senior Frontend @ GlobalLogic ArgentinaSep 2018-Feb 2020

    VMWare - Tanzu Mission Control: Centralized Kubernetes management
  • Semi-Senior Web UI @ Globant ArgentinaApr 2018-Sep 2018

    Symphony Communication: Instant messaging service aimed at financial firms
  • Senior Full-Stack JS @ Spark Digital ArgentinaJan 2017-Apr 2018

    MLBAM/Bamtech: Video Player for NHL/Riot/MLB/MILB and tech migration
  • Frontend @ Truelogic SoftwareJul 2016-Jan 2017

    Cucu Sports: Marketplace for Athletes and Celebrity Influencer Marketing
    RV Trip Wizard: RV Trip Planning
  • Frontend @ Internap CorporationOct 2015-Jul 2016

    SingleHop - Internal Server Managment UI: ReactJS Frontend UI
  • Semi-Senior Web UI @ Globant ArgentinaOct 2013-Oct 2015

    Sears - Shop Your Way: Articles, guides, and shopping for Health & Wellness
    Bally Games - Slot Machines: Flash games porting for devices with HTML5
    Syngenta - Elatus: Tablet catalog and promotional web app
  • Frontend @ Moka-MokaAug 2013-Oct 2013

    Best Latam: Wordpress Theme adaptation from Mockup
    IDES (Instituto de Estudios Superiores): Landing Page with suscription form
  • Frontend @ 1O24Dec 2012-Oct 2013

    Aquarium Mar del Plata: Games with social sharing features
    1O24 - Facebook Contest Maker: Facebook contests maker with Control Panel
    Rossi Deportes: Cloud based shopping cart
    1O24 - Apolix: HTML5 canvas player for security IP cameras
    Claro Argentina: Polls for promotional use in tablets
    Aquarium Mar del Plata: Polls for promotional use in tablets
  • Given courses and talks

    Simple is Hard: A talk about UX and UI @ Barcamp, Mar del Plata, Argentina2019
    PWA - The web of the future @ Barcamp, Mar del Plata, Argentina2018
    D&D - Developers & Designers @ Barcamp, Mar del Plata, Argentina2017
    TypeScript Introduction @ SparkDigital, Mar del Plata, Argentina2017
    Web Security tips for NERDS! @ Barcamp, Mar del Plata, Argentina2016
    Web Components: Polymer & ReactJS @ Barcamp, Mar del Plata, Argentina2015
    Typescript & Angular 2 @ Globant, Mar del Plata, Argentina2015
    Typescript Introduction @ Globant, Mar del Plata, Argentina2015
    ECMAScript 6 or 'The new JavaScript' @ Barcamp, Mar del Plata, Argentina2014
    TypeScript @ SUMA Conectivo, Mar del Plata, Argentina2013
    Quality Web Programming @ Barcamp, Mar del Plata, Argentina2013


    Angular 2 @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    Animaciones en CSS @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    Asincronismo en Javascript @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    CSS Avanzado @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    CSS Intermedio @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    Comenzando con CSS @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    Debugging @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    Diseño de aplicaciones @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    Dominando Sass @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    Express @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    Fundamentos de ECMAScript 6 @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    Fundamentos de la programación @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    Fundamentos del Diseño @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    Git @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    Gulp.js, automatizando tareas @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    HTML5 @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    HTML: el lenguaje popular @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    Heroku @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    IONIC @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    Introducción a Docker @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    Introducción a React @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    Desarrollo de aplicaciones web @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    MongoDB @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    Node JS @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    Node.js, el comienzo @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    Programación Funcional @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    Programación Orientada a Objetos @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    Prototipos y clases en JavaScript @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    React/Redux @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    Responsive Design @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018
    jQuery @ Globant Academy (Acamica)2018